Volunteer Impact Project (VIP) grants awarded

In November, Travel Nevada awarded $44,921 in Volunteer Impact Project (VIP) grants to six rural Nevada tourism organizations. These grants, funded with CRF (Coronavirus Relief Fund) money, focus on organizing volunteer groups to undertake projects that will improve the visitor experience. Travel Nevada hopes to make the VIP program permanent moving forward.

The VIP program was developed during the early months of the COVID-19 crisis. During that time, Travel Nevada’s Sales and Industry Partners (SIP) team worked to identify opportunities to assist partners, opportunities that targeted areas of the state in need of improvements that could be managed with a volunteer workforce.

This new program dovetails with another SIP project currently in progress, the Destination Development Program. We’ll keep you posted on these programs as they develop. If you have questions about the VIP grants or the program itself, contact Juraj Sojka, [email protected].