In 2021, tourism-supported jobs accounted for 19.3% of all jobs in the state.


Visitors spent $39.4 billion in Nevada in 2021. This supported a total of $23.2 billion in business sales when indirect and induced impacts are considered.

Economic Vitality

The value of all visitor-associated goods and services produced in Nevada in 2021 stood at $27.7 billion, an increase of 26% over the prior year.

Outdoor Recreation

Spending on outdoor recreation reached over $1 billion in 2021. Great Basin National Park welcomed over 146,000 visitors, and Nevada State Parks welcomed over 4 million visitors.

Rural Recovery

In 2021, visitor spending in Nevada’s 15 rural counties increased from pre-pandemic levels by about 2.8%. In 2021, room tax collections in Nevada’s 15 rural counties increased from pre-pandemic levels by about 17.7%.


The $17.9 billion in total income generated by tourism is the equivalent of $15,800 for every household in Nevada.

Heads in Beds

Room tax collections set a record in FY21 reaching nearly $26.7 million, eclipsing pre-pandemic levels by 6.3%.


Travel & Tourism is a foundational cornerstone of Nevada’s economy. In 2021, more than 43 million travelers visited Nevada.

Tax Generation

Tourism in Nevada generated $10 billion in tax revenue in fiscal year 2021, with over $4.4 billion accruing to state and local governments.

Local Support

The $4.4 billion in state and local taxes generated by tourism in fiscal year 2021 could support the equivalent of 79,100 school teachers.

Visitor Spending

The $39.4 billion in visitor spending in 2021 means that nearly $108 million dollars was spent every day by visitors in Nevada.

Money for General Fund

Travel Nevada is one of the only state entities to generate money for the General Fund each year without drawing any money off of it.

Tourism in Nevada Means a Thriving Economy

Travel Nevada serves as Nevada’s chief marketing entity and has achieved proven results in driving tourism throughout the Silver State. Guided by its strategic plan, Travel Nevada has seen increased awareness of the state as a tourism destination as a result of its rural grant programs, aggressive marketing and public relations campaigns, comprehensive and interactive social media campaigns, and through the development of tools and resources design to attract both domestic and international visitors.


Jobs in 2021

43.2 Million

Travelers in 2021

$39.4 Billion

Tourism Dollars Spent in 2021

$4.4 Billion

State & Local Taxes Generated by Tourism in 2021

Nevada’s Tourism Territories

The Nevada Commission on Tourism was created in 1983 at the proposal of Governor Richard H. Bryan with the intent of diversifying the state’s gaming-based economy. The general goal was to create a more stable economic base in local communities in terms of economic development and to position Nevada as a business and leisure destination. As such, rural counties were divided into territories with the purpose of tourism promotion.

Nevada’s Tourism Territories Map Cowboy Country Indian Territory Reno-Tahoe Pony Express Territory Nevada Silver Trails Las Vegas

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