Travel Nevada’s research program aims to assist both internal and external stakeholders in making informed, data-based decisions. By utilizing data provided from trusted partners, Travel Nevada is able to assess internal efforts, such as advertising effectiveness or website usability, and also provide the industry with relevant insights. On this page you will find resources aiming to help the industry, including economic impact analysis of travel to Nevada, visitor profiles, industry statistics across the state, along with other relevant reports and interactive forms of data where applicable. We hope that providing this data, and assisting the industry to make informed decisions, helps to achieve our mission of enhancing the economic vitality of Nevada.

Travel Nevada’s

Core Elements

The Division of Tourism (Travel Nevada) exists to help achieve the Governor’s strategic priority of a Vibrant and Sustainable Economy. To accomplish this, we have crafted the following core elements:


Effectively promote statewide tourism to enhance the economic vitality of Nevada.


A vibrant quality of life for all Nevadans. Achieving the mission and vision is accomplished through the development and execution of two major program components:


Developing and executing a result-driven strategic marketing program that compels consumer purchase decisions through effective use of key marketing and sales channels.


Two Areas of Focus:

  1. Create professional development opportunities for members of the Nevada tourism industry that raise the level of expertise across all industry sectors.
  2. Educate potential visitors through a robust public relations-led integrated marketing program and Nevada Magazine to convey the experiences available throughout the state.

Research Partners