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In January 1936, Nevada Highways and Parks – known today as Nevada Magazine – was introduced by the state highway department. The Silver State was hardly the tourist magnet is it now. Legalized gambling in Nevada was five years old, the population of Las Vegas was less than 8,000, and Hoover Dam was less than a year old. State highway publicist and Nevada Highways and Parks editor Fred Greulich wrote a majority of the articles and collected photos that promoted Nevada’s open roads – albeit in black and white. Always an information source for Nevada residents and tourists, what started as a digest-sized bulletin has grown into a colorful magazine. 

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Recent Issues

NV Magazine Spring 2024 Cover

Spring 2024

All over Nevada the landscape is awakening from its winter slumber. Throw off that heavy jacket and discover the wonder of spring in the Silver State.

Nevada Magazine Winter Issue 2023-2024 Cover Image

Winter 2023-2024

Winter in Nevada means plentiful snow in the north and warm weather days in the south. Whichever way you enjoy the season, the Silver State is happy to have you along.

Nevada Magazine Fall 2023 Cover

Fall 2023

Trekking across Nevada this autumn? You’re in for perfect-weather days, off-road adventure, and some of our favorite small-town soirees.

NV Magazine Summer-2023 Cover Photo

Summer 2023

Summer in Nevada has it all, whether you’re searching for antelope herds, alpine lakes, or that perfect small town to spend a few days. Make it a season for exploration: We know you’ll soon discover your favorite slice of the West.