Re-Covering Brazil: Nevada featured in O Globo, Rio de Janeiro’s principal paper

December has been a hot month for Nevada tourism in Brazil, with two major-publication cover stories in as many weeks. This time the beauty of the Silver State was the feature article in “Boa Viagem” — the travel supplement of O Globo, Brazil’s 2nd biggest newspaper. The popular Rio de Janeiro-based paper boasts a monthly combined print and online audience of 14.3 million. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Brazil team, Wolf Propaganda, Travel Nevada was honored to host Cristina Massari, a gifted Brazilian photojournalist, at the Nevada Governor’s Global Tourism Summit and a FAM trip through Nevada’s scenic backcountry, friendly small towns, world-class state parks, and exciting attractions–her impressions of which she would transform into this beautifully-written article. The piece went out in print last week and also lives online here. Travel Nevada is proud to work with international teams that customize our marketing and PR efforts to ten different countries around the world, in order to highlight the varied richness our state has to offer to travelers from everywhere.


“Leave behind the excesses of Vegas  and go on the road, in an immersion through the Wild West, across the state of Nevada. A tour through the roots of the USA, crossing Native American territories, ghost towns framed by the beauty and grandeur of the landscape that interweaves an unimaginable succession of nuances of color that gradually turns fire-colored deserts into mountains that range from earthy gray to green. “Leaving Las Vegas and going to Reno, with a getaway in the border of California with Lake Tahoe, let yourself indulge in the excesses of nature. Prepare to look at scenes of explicit beauty. What is on the way is a succession of colors and shapes translated into expressions that identify places like Valley of Fire, White Domes, Rainbow View, Pyramid Lake and, by human intervention, The Loneliest Road in America and Burning Man.”

[Translated by Bruna Palmas of Wolf Propaganda]

Cover Call:

“Raízes do Oeste” – West Roots – Leaving Las Vegas, an incursion into ghost towns and parks of the American state of Nevada.

Article Title (Print):

Detox post Vegas – From the casino capital to the beautiful lake Tahoe, the state of Nevada has ghost-towns, natural parks and archeological sites.

Article Title (Web):

Outside Las Vegas, a dip into the Old West – From Reno to Lake Tahoe, Nevada has ghost towns, natural parks and archaeological sites.


  • Leaving Vegas: Floods, ancestral tribes and the colors of fire
  • On the road: Mines, caves and ghosts
  • Reno & Carson City: Gem stones and the Lake Pyramid
  • The border: A lake for two states
  • Service