Governor Sisolak issues proclamation establishing Nevada tourism week

CARSON CITY, Nevada —  Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that he issued a proclamation declaring the second week of May as Travel and Tourism Week in the state.

The proclamation, issued on May 3, comes as part of a broader national celebration of the travel and tourism industries in the United States. First declared as an official period of reflection and celebration of one of the nation’s most important industries by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, National Travel and Tourism Week has inspired destinations around the country to rally in support of tourism-related business for 36 years.

This year, the key theme of National Travel and Tourism Week is that “Travel Matters”. The intent is to focus on how travel and tourism positively impacts the lives, jobs, economy and broader quality of life for Americans around the country.

“In every pocket of America — from the largest cities to the smallest towns — travel matters,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “I, like so many others, got my start in the travel industry, and it shaped my life in ways I could have never imagined. This National Travel and Tourism Week, we’re celebrating how travel powers our economies, strengthens our communities, and changes our lives.”

In Nevada in particular, tourism long has been an integral component of the state’s economic makeup. Nevada’s visitors have generated significant revenue for as long as the state has been a part of the union. For that reason, it is all the more appropriate that Gov. Sisolak will continue the rally in support of tourism business by proclaiming the second week of May as Nevada Travel and Tourism Week, extending the period of National Travel and Tourism Week’s celebration and drawing focus to Nevada’s vast, varied landscape and unique offerings.

As reported in Travel Nevada’s recent publication, Nevada’s Tourism Ecosystem, the state of Nevada has invested significant resources into promoting the region’s myriad attractions, and the economy has been positively impacted as a result.

“Travel is of incredible importance to our nation — and to our state. In fact, tourism business supports one in nine American jobs, including over 463,000 in our state. It has also helped us to generate over $21 billion in state income, which has allowed us to invest in our schools and keep our state’s landmarks in good condition,” said Nevada Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall. “With this proclamation, we celebrate the incredible impact of travel and tourism on our communities, and invite everyone to join us in saluting this highly important industry, supporting pro-travel legislation, preserving, and promoting those features that make our Battle Born State one of the most exciting places in the nation.”

To learn more about travel in the State of Nevada, visit To find more information about National Tourism Week 2019, access the United States Travel Association’s home page.

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