Find UFOs and other phenomena on the Area 51-ISH quest this fall

CARSON CITY, Nevada — The storm’s coming, and Travel Nevada invites all naruto runners to take part in the Area 51 Intergalactic Scavenger Hunt (Area 51-ISH) this fall. Find and get Unidentified Free Objects (UFOs) and other spacy swag on Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway and in surrounding communities of Tonopah, Caliente and Pioche.

We all want to see them aliens, but who knows if they really exist? What’s clear is that 51 activities are listed on the Area 51-ISH guide, available at businesses along the ET Highway, in neighboring communities and online Travel Nevada’s Intergalactic Scavenger Hunt page. Seven of those 51 activities will get you a UFO (the free thing, not an actual spaceship). Because space expeditions — and there is plenty of space in this part of Nevada — should always include prizes.

Before setting your coordinates to Area 51-ISH sites, check out Travel Nevada’s tips for getting to and around Nevada. The main protocol for these types of treks is to bring plenty of water and supplies: fuel stations, restrooms and access to water can be few and far between. Don’t forget sunscreen and your sense of humor. One last mission requirement: do not trespass on government property, and be sure to follow any direction from local law enforcement.

Space may be the final frontier, but the ET Highway is ultimate trip.