Welcome to Nevada, Fahlgren Mortine!

Fahlgren Mortine logoOn Feb. 10, the State's Board of Examiners approved the two-year, $20.2 million contract for Fahlgren. Together, Fahlgren and Abbi will implement Travel Nevada's integrated tourism marketing campaigns. The agencies will be evolving the popular “Don't Fence Me In” campaign through public relations, paid media and digital channels. While doing so, they'll also be incorporating new leading-edge marketing technologies, including a new mobile application for visitors, a highly targeted and personalized email program, as well as enhancements and improvements to the Travel Nevada.com

“It's not uncommon for an agency to be technically proficient, or to be wonderfully creative,” said Claudia Vecchio, director of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. “It's not uncommon for an agency to express a sincere passion for a client's product. But rarely do you get all three at in the same agency. With Fahlgren and Abbi we get that trifecta, in spades. Together, they're a brilliant strategic marketing firm that truly ‘gets' Nevada.”

Fahlgren's partnership with Reno PR firm The Abbi Agency provides boots on the ground public relations expertise and next-door account management practicality. The duo offers a powerful one-two punch of marketing smarts, strategic tourism know-how, and exceptional creative execution in both the PR and advertising realms.

Look for new work to gradually roll out during the Spring/Summer campaign, and a full introduction of new work for the 2015/16 Winter Campaign.

Learn more: https://www.fahlgrenmortine.com http://theabbiagency.com