“Canadians know and love Las Vegas, which creates an exciting starting point and opportunity to educate visitors on all that Nevada has to offer across the state. Travel Nevada’s ten curated road trips are the perfect vehicle to showcase the unusual and undiscovered stories Canadian travel media are looking for. 

Not only are road trips of the moment, but experiences connected to the outdoors, wellness, sustainability and Indigenous tourism are all in demand by Canadian media, and Nevada can offer these stories in spades. Nevada has some really fun facts ranging from 300 hot springs to 600 ghost towns to the most mountainous state, that will dispel many myths.

When it comes to sharing stories of all Nevadans – ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion – our team has a specialized understanding of what will resonate with Canadians. Our task will be to deepen this relationship between visitors and the state aligning with Travel Nevada’s goal of rural destination development and promotion.”

Heather McGillivray, PR Director | Canada, Canuckiwi

Travel Nevada is represented in Canada by Canuckiwi.