New Campaign Launches Next Month

Travel Nevada is revving up for another campaign launch, but this time things will be different. The creative team at Fahlgren-Mortine has helped develop an evolution of the “Don't Fence Me In” campaign that will run two new TV spots for the first time in three years.

“This new campaign will really elevate the “Don't Fence Me In” position and take it to the next level,” said Greg Fine, Travel Nevada marketing director.

This campaign isn't only a creative evolution, but also a strategic one. Future campaigns will move away from the seasonal spring/summer and fall/winter model and will now roll through a 12-month cycle. Beyond the new TV spots, Travel Nevada's website will have a new branded look, ads will run in select movie theaters, a new comprehensive digital ad media buy has been developed, and new content partnerships are in place.

The two new TV spots will feature all Nevada talent and personalities from around the state. The backdrops for the commercials are the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings and David Walley's Hot Springs Resort in Genoa. These TV spots were directed by Mike Nelesen, an acclaimed television, cinema, and web-based content director. Neleson's accolades include commercials for Best Buy, H&R Block, Nickelodeon, Logitech, and more. 

The new campaign breaks on November 9 in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boise, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Reno, and Las Vegas markets.