Media hosting program resumes

Travel Nevada’s public relations team began hosting travel media in fall 2021, after a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jaymie DeGaetano, a writer for Sherman’s Travel, drove the Great Basin Highway and the ET Highway Nov. 7-12, and freelancer Matt Crossman, writing for Cowboys and Indians Magazine, visited Pyramid Lake and Fallon and traveled the Cowboy Corridor Nov. 14-19.

Both writers are expected to place stories in publications targeted by Travel Nevada as having audiences interested in traveling to the Silver State. For both trips, Travel Nevada’s industry partners generously assisted by providing complimentary lodging, meals or other hosting assistance.

Media hosting generates “earned” coverage, a key part of Travel Nevada’s promotional strategy, along with paid marketing/advertising. Earned media differs from advertising in that it’s viewed as editorial copy, and Travel Nevada typically would not see or approve the content before it’s published. Studies, including this 2019 research, reveal that earned media stories are viewed by the public as the most credible source used by public relations practitioners.

Travel Nevada’s public relations team continues to vet travel media for possible hosting. If your organization is interested in assisting with media visits, please let us know! Tracie Barnthouse, [email protected].