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Each year Travel Nevada’s website reaches millions of prospective travelers around the United States—and the world. With individual, optimized pages for hundred of Events and Points of Interest (destinations, businesses, activities, etc.), Travel Nevada can crank up the omnichannel marketing “megaphone,” putting Nevada attractions “on blast” to targeted audiences and getting the right content in front of the right pairs of eyes.

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It’s fast, it’s free, and—with our sleek new platform—now it’s easier than ever. Here’s how to get your attraction listed.

Should You List?

First things first! How do you know if is the right place to list your destination, business, or event?


Your destination, business, or event is meant to draw out-of-town visitors. Examples include:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Tourist activities
  • Museums
  • Town-wide cultural events or celebrations
  • Unique and iconic restaurants or bars

To submit your destination’s info, click into one of the forms below to submit your info!


Your destination, business, or event primarily serves local customers/attendees. Examples include:

  • Locally-focused businesses
  • Local services
  • Community networking organizations
  • Smaller-scale events benefiting local organizations
  • Local secret spots that you’d prefer to keep that way!

Thanks for doing what you do! However, we recommend listing your destination with your local Chamber or community’s website.



If you’d like your destination, business, or event featured on our site, fill out this form and we’ll get you in the mix.


If your destination was listed with our Travel Nevada Partner Portal, it’s already on our site. If you would like it updated [e.g. new hours, description edits, etc.], you no longer need to log in and edit your listing yourself. Just fill out this form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Thank you for being a Travel Nevada partner and for working to create such incredible Silver State memories for all your visitors. We look forward to being a part of them.