Brazilian TV Show Viaje Comigo visits Nevada

Courtesy of Peter and Erick Goldschmidt

Great Basin National Park – Programa Viaje Comigo
Travel Nevada, in partnership with Sixt Rent a Car and Affinity, provided an adventure in the great Silver State to Peter and Erick from the Goldschmidt family, the hosts of the Brazilian Travel TV Show Viaje Comigo. TV Show Viaje Comigo is broadcasted every Sunday 8pm at TV Novo Tempo. The TV hosts were able to see the main attractions of Nevada, between September 28th and October 8th. The roadtrip was aboard a BMW X5, which we got from Sixt Rent a Car. The team was accompanied by Bruna Palmas and Neto Fernandes, from Travel Nevada Brazil. An essential part of adventures like this is security. Affinity offered to all participants the Affinity 35 travel insurance coverage during the entire trip.
Erick, Peter, Neto and Bruna – Valley of Fire State Park – Programa Viaje Comigo
The group went to Las Vegas, explored the Valley of Fire, the amazing state park with several amazing formations of sandstone, in Ely they went on a haunted train ride and had dinner at a restaurant that simulates a prison. They also explored the Great Basin National Park with its incredible scenery and alpine lakes, visited the historic and super charming Virginia City, with its crazy Outhouse Races. Finally they marveled at the magnificent Lake Tahoe aboard a cruise, and visited Reno, “the biggest little city in the world”, where they had the chance to go to several restaurants on a food tour and visit downtown, full of charming and modern spots.
Peter and Erick – Valley of Fire State Park –  Programa Viaje Comigo
  Viaje Comigo will launch the videos and episodes on Nevada this April. Meanwhile there is a special series on the destination in their blog, and the first post was on Valley of Fire. You can find the posts here:
Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe – Programa Viaje Comigo