Letter from NDTCA Director Brenda Scolari

Nevada Tourism Partners,

We begin fiscal year 2021 facing many uncertainties, but we are inspired by our confidence in you, Nevada’s tourism industry partners, the most dedicated people in the hospitality business.

As Nevada navigates through Phase Two of the state’s reopening process, many of you are back in business and welcoming visitors to our communities. We know you are doing your best to keep customers safe, while at the same time making positive gains in an industry that is so crucial to Nevada’s economy. Thank you for your hard work, your sacrifices and your commitment to the tourism industry and to the state of Nevada. Along with you, Travel Nevada is working hard to position the state to best compete in this evolving tourism marketplace.

The Travel Nevada FY21 Recovery Plan, approved by the Nevada Commission on Tourism on June 23, lays out Travel Nevada’s essential programs for the coming year. These programs reflect our focus on in-state travel and our dominance as a road trip destination.  Our careful observation of traveler sentiment makes us confident we can best support our tourism partners in the following ways:

  • Brand Evolution: Travel Nevada’s core value of freedom will be evident in a customized website experience and a hyper-targeted focus on visitors who have strongly engaged the brand.
  • Destination Development: We have put together a knowledgeable team of industry colleagues to help rural communities achieve long-term tourism goals.
  • Discover Your Nevada: The campaign continues to focus on in-state travel promotion. Discover Your Nevada has taken many forms over the years, evolving into a campaign to instill state pride in Nevadans, who ultimately become loyal brand ambassadors.
  • Public Affairs: We will reach out to stakeholders and lawmakers to better position Travel Nevada as a proactive tourism thought leader.
  • Domestic Markets: We will focus on audiences that, based on research, are cost-effective and position us well as we compete for drive markets with other western states.
  • Global Development: We will prioritize our investment in international markets based on respective economic, health and air service recovery.

We encourage you to read the full FY21 Recovery Plan here. I hope you will find it supports your interests in the industry and will help you make a personal and professional recovery in the coming year. Please contact me or reach out to any of the Travel Nevada team with your feedback or questions. Together, let’s make the second half of 2020 a time of swift and positive recovery!


Brenda Scolari
Director, Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs