The 3D Project

Congratulations to the first round of 3D Project Awardees!

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Defining 3D

Travel Nevada is dedicated to growing tourism in rural Nevada and helping partners build thriving, authentic destinations that are great places to live and work.

Destination Development Demonstration (3D)

Destination Development is a long-range, tourism-based community planning program which enables Nevada’s rural communities to be more intentional about growing their visitor economies. Communities that are selected to participate in 3D will collaborate with concept stakeholders, Travel Nevada staff, and a team of consultants to create a Destination Development plan that will examine the intrinsic qualities of their destination and build an economic and marketing plan around those strengths.

This project is intended to provide rural Nevada destinations with a multi-dimensional look at their tourism assets and a jump-start to realizing their destination development goals.

How does the 3D Project work?

In the fall of 2022, rural communities across Nevada were invited to apply for the first-ever round of 3D Project grants. Six destinations were selected to participate. In January of 2023, Cohort 1 projects embarked on their 3D Project journey with the guidance from the following consultation teams: Better Destinations, SMG Consulting, and Nichols Tourism Group. Cohort 2 projects will begin September 2023.


The project kicks off by creating a steering committee for each destination and conducting an asset inventory. Once complete, the team of consultants and Travel Nevada staff conduct onsite visits to each destination to meet with the steering committees to take a first-hand look at the community and hold a community engagement session to share ideas. Following onsite visits, the team works to identify strengths and gaps.

Coupled with knowledge of the tourism industry, independent research, and input from the destination, the team will develop a ten-year destination plan to help each awardee steer tourism in an authentic way to help guide future developments within their communities. At the culmination of the consulting process, each destination can apply for funding to kick start their destination development goals.


Because this is a demonstration project, the Travel Nevada team is constantly learning and evolving the process to best meet the needs of Nevada’s rural communities. Stay tuned for more 3D developments throughout this process.


For more information on the 3D Project please review the latest 3D Project FAQ.

How can my community become a 3D participant?

Travel Nevada looks for strong partnerships, authentic attractions, and a destination’s potential to provide a great experience for visitors. If your community has these things, we encourage you to apply! Travel Nevada anticipates opening another round of projects in 2024, check this page for updates.

3D Project Contact Information

Sign up for Zoom Office Hours or send our Destination Development Manager, Cortney Bloomer, an email.

3D 10 Year Destination Plans

Travel Guide

Black Rock-High Rock

Travel Guide

Lincoln County

Travel Guide

White Pine County


Download the Lincoln County Destination Development Plan (2021 pilot project). The Lincoln County plan is not the same as the 3D Project, but does represent pilot destination development efforts.