The 3D Project

Destination Development is a long-range, tourism-based community planning program which enables Nevada’s rural communities to be more intentional about growing their visitor economies. Communities that are selected to participate in 3D will collaborate with Concept stakeholders, Travel Nevada staff and our team of consultants to create a Destination Development plan that will examine the intrinsic qualities of their destination and build an economic and marketing plan around those strengths. This project is intended to provide rural Nevada destinations with a multi-dimensional look at their tourism assets and a jump-start to realizing their destination development goals. Travel Nevada is excited to help our partners build thriving, authentic destinations that are great places to live and work.

Defining Destination Development

“Two things that remain eternally true and complement each other, in my view are: don’t snuff out your inspiration and power of imagination, don’t become a slave to the model; and, the other, take a model and study it, for otherwise your inspiration won’t take on material form.” – Vincent Van Gogh


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Cohort 1: January 2023 – August 2023

Friends of Black Rock / High Rock

White Pine County

Lincoln County

Cohort 2: September 2023 – April 2024

Visit Carson City

Boulder City Chamber of Commerce

Nevada’s Indian Territory


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Download the Lincoln County Destination Development Plan (2021 pilot project). The Lincoln County plan is not the same as the 3D Project, but does represent pilot destination development efforts.