Latin America

“Mexicans love the variety of activities you can find in Nevada. From gambling and luxurious experiences to the rustic high-end adventure destinations around the state, Nevada is one of the most exciting states. Mexican travelers are attracted to the casinos and exclusive shows, but having the nature, culture and non-traditional activities surrounding such main attractions feels really different and makes the experience completely unique.” 

Lorenzo Campos, Junior Trade Coordinator | Adnova Comunicación Estratígica, Mexico

Nevada has been represented in Mexico for more than a decade. This has led to a sustained increase in awareness and travel to destinations across the state. Because of the importance of this market, Travel Nevada conducts a sponsored sales mission to Mexico each October. This has historically been a ski-themed mission, but has expanded into a winter sports and general travel mission. We are represented in Mexico by ADNOVAVisit Travel Nevada Mexico online at and on Facebook at