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Travel Nevada is guided by a research-driven domestic and international marketing approach, achieving its marketing and communication goals for the Nevada brand through a robust educational program that combines laser-pinpoint messaging with stories that bring the Nevada brand to life in a compelling way. The agency focuses on crafting messages most salient to each of its audiences, and reaches them through traditional media outreach and targeted social media influencers, developing stories that educate, inspire, and excite travelers and stakeholders.

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Chris Moran
Public Relations Specialist

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Public Relations Specialist – Cultural Affairs

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Public Relations Specialist


Through partnerships with our agency of record, Fahlgren Mortine, supported locally by The Abbi Agency, these messages are assisted by compelling creative and paid media placements, crafted and distributed to the following audiences:

  • Domestic Media: outreach to traditional media outlets is a key avenue for educating target audiences. Travel Nevada, in partnership with its public relations agencies, Fahlgren Mortine and The Abbi Agency conducts a robust media relations campaign designed to promote Nevada and elevate the organization’s reputation.
  • International Media: Travel Nevada works with its 10 international offices to develop itineraries for journalists that result in stories written and shared about the state and contribute to a lift in international travel to Nevada.
  • Elected Officials and Stakeholders: through the agency’s “Tourism Means More” integrated public relations approach, the team works with elected officials to share the importance of tourism to the state’s economy.
  • Consumers: through direct-to-consumer social media outreach handled by Travel Nevada’s marketing department, Travel Nevada harnesses the power of peer-to-peer conversation, recommendations and opportunities for changes. Travel Nevada conducts ongoing social media outreach on its owned accounts as well as drives and participates in conversations on travel and lifestyle digital channels.