Brand USA COVID-19 Update | 3.13.2020

March 13, 2020

Dear Partners:

All of us in the travel industry are privileged to work in jobs that allow us to speak to the innate human desire to explore and discover new places and experiences. As the destination storytellers for the United States of America, Brand USA has the particular honor to help drive our nation’s economy, create jobs, and bring the people of the world closer together.

We have been closely tracking the spread of the coronavirus and its effect on the travel environment. As we have mentioned the impact in key source markets around the world and even in communities here in the United States, Brand USA has been guided by two principles: to listen to the advice of public health officials and to make decisions that are guided by facts and in-market insights.

In order to make the most prudent use of the funds entrusted to us by our partners and to be responsible leaders and citizens, Brand USA is pausing many of our paid media activities as well as upcoming events that would convene large groups of people in affected destinations in the United States. Though commentary on our USA content remains positive, travel demand will be challenged by consumer health and economic concerns as well as policy decisions that may intensify daily and sometimes hourly. We will proceed with specific initiatives where the market dictates and where continuing the drumbeat of organic and inspirational content about the United States is likely to be successful.

Brand USA will use this pause to refine strategies with our partners and our industry to have a powerful impact at the appropriate time. Together, we will inspire the world to continue traveling to the United States and drive business to communities all over this country.

These are difficult times for our nation and for our industry. However, we are resilient and we have come back strong from tough times before. I’m confident that we will do so again now, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you in this important charge.

Together, we are marketing the USA.

Chris Thompson

President & CEO

Brand USA